How to Buy

1. Design/Price


We have Four SUBOVERLAND models to choose from. The details can be found on our "Models" page. Take a look at the different options and see which one fits your needs and budget. The different models start at $5,500. This price includes the Base Vehicle, provided by us. You also have the option of bringing us your own vehicle to be converted into a SUBOVERLAND. 



2. Lets Talk


Give us a call, text or email and we can go over what kind of build you are imagining. This is where we discuss specifics including potential upgrades, build timeline and any questions you might have. 



3. Build time!!


After establishing what SUBOVERLAND Model you want we will set a completion date and put you on the waiting list (Earliest completion date: September 2022). 


713 Shoshone St. South
Twin Falls, ID 83301


Tel: 208-410-8428